About Brooklyn Leadership

Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service is a small transfer high school founded by Principal Georgia Kouriampalis, which opened in the fall of 2008 in the Francis Key Scott building.

We are a transfer school for 200 youth (ages 16-21) who are over-aged and under-credited high school students operated through a partnership between the Department of Education and Brooklyn Community Services.

The primary objective of Brooklyn Leadership is to prepare students to graduate with a Regents Diploma and enter college or the world of work after they graduate.  The program aims to offer a student-centered, challenging and personalized school environment where students have the opportunity to overcome their histories of school failure and hardship and learn how to have a positive, academically successful school experience.

Mission Statement

“Understand your history, overcome it and use it to lead social change.”

The mission of Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service is to
provide a student-centered, challenging and personalized educational experience that
empowers over-age and under-credited high school students to obtain their high school
diploma and become fully participating community members, leaders and lifelong learners.
We will also work with students to provide planning for post-secondary success, either through college or a career.

Students will become leaders of social change.

Brooklyn Community Services Partnership

   BCS partners with the New York City Department of Education to operate the Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service.

While the DOE instructors and administrators manage the educational component of the school; BCS manages the "Learning to Work" component for all students. Learning to Work provides students with:

  • Work Experience opportunities through paid internships.

  • High levels of advocacy, support and mentoring to students and their families to help students stay on track with their studies.

  • College and career preparation support to help students plan for a bright future after they graduate.








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                                Arts/Partnerships                                                                               College Partnership/Support                                                                                                              

                               Dance Theater Etc.                                                                                             City College

                             Robotics City College                                                                                      Generation Ready

Educational Video Center (EVC) Documentary Program                                             Literacy Support Systems

                                                                                                                                               St. Joseph’s College-Graduation