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Messages From Alumni

“Leadership gave me encouragement and tools to better my future.”  - Arlene Shallow

“I’m prepared to strive for what I want and I understand I have to work hard for it.”  - Kiyah Fisher

“I cherished each day and moment with you guys because every day I learned something new.”  - Melsun Fulton

“I felt so loved when I stepped into this building.  The teachers and staff greeted me every day.”  - Wendy Jerido

“I don’t know exactly what the future holds, but I do know that I’m ready to face any obstacles and challenges that may come my way.” - Melesha Lewis

“You helped me just when I was struggling the most.  You didn’t have to use your time in the morning, afternoon or whenever you were free to help me.”  - Tania Teco

“I really appreciate the love and support that the staff showed me at Brooklyn Leadership because with them I don’t believe that I could have succeeded.”  - Joseph Artis

“Since that day Leadership gave me an understanding and an environment to learn and grow, more that the school I was in before.  Leadership gave me a second chance at life.” - Candace Davis

“This school made us remember that it didn’t matter where we came from or what we did in the past, but what we were doing at that moment to create the future we wanted to see.” - Gloria Alonso

 I just wanted to say that I Attended Leadership the first year that the school opened. Before attending Leadership in my previous school I was surrounded by too many people and things that wasn’t right for me and I did not believe that anyone really cared so I did what I wanted. Coming into Leadership my mentality was kind of the same but something changed that and it was the energy of the staff. It was the first time I ever felt like every single person no matter their title had a role in being a mother or father figure. I didn’t come from a home where I felt anyone was ever proud of me so to see these strangers have so much belief in me when I didn’t see it was unreal, even when I would fall off track they looked so disappointed that I almost right away started to actually feel I was better than what I showed or gave. I graduated my second year in the school and even after no longer having to be in my life all staff members still played a role in motivating me to getting into college as well as even helping to find me work. I even came back to the school to work there with the students and it felt so unreal a kid that didn’t think he’ll be anything now helping to give students the same thing that was given to me and in the same school. Today I own two businesses a clothing company and a Luxury Chauffeur Business if it wasn’t for this school I don’t know what my story would be today and I now live my life To inspire and give back to the kids who feel like I felt because everyone needs a chance to be apart of a community and a family like this school was to me. - Henry Bonna

Hey everyone my name is Ariana Martinez. I would first like to start off by thanking each and every person in Brooklyn Leadership for helping me become who I am today but also for allowing me to tell my story. In 2015 I was going through a rough time. Unable to learn a few months prior because I was diagnose with a sickness. I was so far behind in school that I decided not to attend anymore. A few months later I was told about a school called BCS Brooklyn leadership for Community Service. I went through the enrollment process. I then got a call that I was accepted. September 2015 was my first time starting leadership. I was scared and worried of how it would be. I was so behind in school that I though nothing would help me. I remember the first day of school in leadership like it was yesterday. I remember waking up to a text from my counselor Stephen. In the text he explained who he was and that he would be calling or texting everyone to wake them up for school. I was surprised. In every other school I have ever been to no teacher or counselor has ever done that. In all my other schools it was either you came to school or you didn’t and if you didn’t they wouldn’t even care. A hour after I was in front of leadership. Suffering from anxiety and panic attacks I walked into the school nervously. As soon as I walked through the doors I was being greeted by the Principal. She stop me and every person one by one as we entered the building. She told us her name and asked for our names. She told us that if we needed something just to let her know. I remember walking up a flight of stairs and entering the hallway being welcomed by every teacher. At that very moment, I knew that was when my journey began. The first year attending leadership was amazing! With each and every staff getting to know me made me feel like I had a second home. From me explaining my goals to each teacher and hearing their reaction in such a supportive way made me feel even more comfortable attending the school. Throughout the year I learned new skill and was able to sit in a class interested! Something I could never do in another school. At the time I got an internship with the school. Learning job skills and how to write a resume but also making money for a job I actually liked. From September 2015 - January 2016 school was going very well for me. I loved coming to school. I remember explaining to my teachers and counselor that my biggest Thorn was waking up for school. To help me they insisted that they would call me every morning to wake me up. An as they said they would they did all the way until I finished. Towards the ending of 2015-2016 school year I became depressed. Finding out I had cancer and my mother also did at the time too. Depressed I decided not to go to school. As my teachers called me every day still to wake me up I would ignore the calls. One day after ignoring a call I received a knock on the door. It was my Counselor. Scared I opened the door with my mom. I then explained to him the situation. He then ensured me that it’s ok and that All my teachers would love for me to come back. The next day I returned scared that my teachers would be mad. But they weren’t. They hugged me and explained that they will get me all caught up and so I did. I received all credits that year. My second year at leadership was even more amazing even until my third year. From all the support from each teacher. From all the times each teacher would stay after school with me to either help me catch up to even help me with regents. Because of their help I passed 3 of my regents on the first try ever taking them. I gained more credits by picking up the extra class after school they offered us. I was amazed how my grades from my old school 60 went up to 85-95s in my new school. I would like to thank Leadership for changing my life. Making it not only a school but a family. Allowing every kid to be their self and still being there for us. But also helping me and others be successful. My sister is currently attending leadership. With the support of each teacher and staff my sister has been attending school every day has picked up extra classes and will be expected to graduate 2020. As for me? At the age of 21, I am a store manager in a high corporation Starbucks, currently in college also receiving my real-estate license. If it wasn’t for leadership I don’t know what or where I would be. I would like to thank you so much for allowing me and helping me grow into the person I am today but also allowing others to be the best they can be and help them change their life. - Ariana Martinez 

Hello Everyone, I wish I could have been there physically to share this but unfortunately my new job won’t permit it. I have always wanted to give my testimony for how this school changed my life without it sounding so typical, but that’s probably why I should share this. Everything we go through as people we feel lies on our shoulders alone, Brooklyn Leadership showed me otherwise. I was placed in my initial high school in Manhattan. It was rough, the students were from mostly Harlem, Bronx and a few Queens and Brooklyn kids. All the teachers viewed us all the same, just students. Pass or fail I was just filling a seat, take notes or not. They didn’t speak MY language. Marking periods would go by and I faded away, became ill tempered towards school and felt that I wasting my time. Junior year approached and my credits were slim to none, a lot of my friends was dying, I already was suspended a few times and felt that I could make more money “in the field”. My sister caught wind that I wasn’t attending when the school called, she said she wouldn’t let my parents know as long as I would go back, I said “Not there”. She went her hardest taking me to different schools closer to my home that offered things I would be interested in. I was denied for “zoning reasons”. She worked at Brooklyn hospital at the time, and said “I found one by my job”, basically she wanted to make sure I was there every day. All I can say is when I walked in the school I felt at home, this was my environment. At this point I hadn’t met my counselor or my teachers but when I did it felt like family. My counselor Terry, would call me, text me and make sure I was good at all times. I was hurt when he left, I felt betrayed but the family at Leadership won’t let you down. They introduced me to Steven, I was hesitant because all I knew was Terry but Ms. Stacey and others reassured me that I would be comfortable in no time. It was a blessing because he became my counselor, mentor, role model and Big Brother. I graduated on time and received all my credits. I was going through a rough patch and decided I wasn’t going to my graduation, but he wouldn’t allow it. He basically begged me and when my family and I arrived, Leadership gifted me with a laptop for my new journey to college. After graduating I landed a job at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center which is the world’s number one Cancer organization. I didn’t do that on my own, my first job on my resume that allowed me to gain experience was through the paid program that Leadership offered. They were my foundation and I did not let them down. I thank them for more than a passing grade. I thank them for saving my life. - Isaac Pierre


About Brooklyn Leadership

Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service is a small transfer high school founded by Principal Georgia Kouriampalis, which opened in the fall of 2008 in the Francis Key Scott building.

We are a transfer school for 200 youth (ages 16-21) who are over-aged and under-credited high school students operated through a partnership between the Department of Education and Brooklyn Community Services.

The primary objective of Brooklyn Leadership is to prepare students to graduate with a Regents Diploma and enter college or the world of work after they graduate.  The program aims to offer a student-centered, challenging and personalized school environment where students have the opportunity to overcome their histories of school failure and hardship and learn how to have a positive, academically successful school experience.

Mission Statement

“Understand your history, overcome it and use it to lead social change.”

The mission of Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service is to
provide a student-centered, challenging and personalized educational experience that
empowers over-age and under-credited high school students to obtain their high school
diploma and become fully participating community members, leaders and lifelong learners.
We will also work with students to provide planning for post-secondary success, either through college or a career.

Students will become leaders of social change.

Inspirational Messages From Staff and Students

I just want to shout out my Dance 2 class for finishing Benchmark 2 strong despite these difficult circumstances we are in. You all have been engaging and submitting great work daily and your efforts don't go unnoticed. Please continue to produce great work in dance and all of your other classes. SUPER proud of you all. You all are AMAZING :) - Tiffany Frazier
Hey guys, keep working and keep your focus...Truly miss you all - Noemi Sta. Maria
Just wanted to say I miss you guys! Lucky for us we have a strong community! PLEASE REACH OUT FOR HELP! If anyone needs support with work, classes, apex, technology, etc. Put it on this pages so one of us can reach out and help you. Even though we aren't together we are still all here for our staff and students <3 Michelle Connor 

Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service

Brooklyn Community Services Partnership

   BCS partners with the New York City Department of Education to operate the Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service.

While the DOE instructors and administrators manage the educational component of the school; BCS manages the "Learning to Work" component for all students. Learning to Work provides students with:

  • Work Experience opportunities through paid internships.

  • High levels of advocacy, support and mentoring to students and their families to help students stay on track with their studies.

  • College and career preparation support to help students plan for a bright future after they graduate.








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  BCS Brooklyn Community Services                                              Guardian Group Services- OSHA job training

                                                                      CDOS- Career Development and Occupational Studies Program